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♥some things fall apart

so other things can fall together*

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My best friends are....
*Stephanie Hansen
*Ashley R
*Mary U
*Ryan Griffin
*Mike (S,C,E)

Heres sum shout~outs!!!!!

♥ Stephanie~ Best Friend... basically your the best friend ever and i couldnt ask for a better one!! I ♥ you so much!BEE.EFF.EFF!
♥ Ryan ~ Lets see wht can i say about my buddy?? Your such a great friend , you gotta be one of my best guy friends! I love hanging out with you its soo much fun!! I love you!!!
♥ Mary ~ You are the best BB*CLB anyone could ask for! I love mah Murry!!
♥ Mike S. ~ i♥you buddy!
♥ Zach ~ So your a little annoying sumtimes but hey gotta love ya right??
♥ Kasey ~ I MISS YOU SOO MUCH BABE!!!!!! Im so glad i met you!!!!!! I love you always!!!

so tell me if i forgot you!

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Emily Marie!