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So lets see what did i do today?
-Took my final DT test
-Passed it ( got a 85% )
-Went to get my permit

-My big sister came up from Detroit
-Sat and talked to her for like 2 hrs
-Went out to ice cream with her ( that was soooo much funn )
- *We tryed to steal a for sale sign from a yard and take the  " 4 bedrooms " thing off of it but Jen was too chicken then every car we passed Erin would wave to and be like HEY! lol thennnnn we were gonna take streamers off of a mailbox but Jen was like CAR and there really wasnt one lol it was soooo much funn though. Lauren and all of them were doing a dance and we stopped and Erin was like keep goin girls i wanna see you dance and they were looking at her like she was crazy and she was like wht do i need tickets for this thing. Ohh eyahh and she was going like 70 down dalson and was chasing a car. ahhh i love her it was soooo much funn hanging out with her!!!!! I was crying cuz i was laughing sooo freaking hard!!!!!!* -

-Came home and Chad came over
-Played bball with him for a while
-Went with my sister to get chinese
-Came home and ate
-Chad,Zach,Ryan,Colin,Joey and Alex came over 
-Played capture the flag/bball
-they went home and now im inside watching TV

*Tomorrow im doing absolutly nothing.
Well i might clean my room cuz my cousin and them are coming up Sat.
But idk.
lol so i guess call me or whtever to do sumthin!

*hrmmmm...... i miss school a lot iits really surprising! I miss my 1st hour most of all!! I saw Mindy yesterday thougha nd i missed her so much!!!!!  I miss Mindy, Mikey, Duaney, Ashley! They are all in my first hour lol so dont worry!!! 
Ive hung out with Mary, Liz and Kaitlin, && I guess i can add Zach and Ryan cuz i've hung out with them a lot too!!!

*Well lets see what gonna be happening in the next few weeks or so.
My cousin,Aunt,uncle and g-parents are coming up on Sat. night well they're driving all night i guess you could say and then they will be here until friday. Idk if they are leaving in the morning or at night lol. They the next wed. after that im leaving for conneticut/cape cod for like a week so. So basically i'll only have like 3 days open between now and then. lol. Im sooo excited though!1 I get to go in the ocean again!! Woot Woot!!

*So thats mostly everything thats been going on!!! My summer has been going good!! It could always be better lol!!!!

I wannabe thegirla
he gives his hoodie to wear
&& cuddles up next to me when
its cold i want him to come
up behind me && wrap his arms
around my waist catch me off
guard && whisper in my ear
you look beautiful

*idk i just decided to add that. I got it from somones profile lol!!!!

well dats all for now!!!

love always ♥ Emily

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