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latly [22 Sep 2006|09:57pm]

So latly i've been feeling like crap..
its sad....
we're done,we're over but i sitll cant stand it
it sucks
been about 2 weeks now
ohh well...
really thats not what im thinking though
im always happy so when i smile only my real friends know sumthings wrong
i've felt horrible the last few days though for sum reason
i feel like i did sumthin wrong
when i know i didnt
i cant get over it..
even though i really want to...
oh well...
not really

Thanks to:
and all my other friends
for being there when i neede somone to talk to
i♥you guys
always && ever

well thats about it

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[16 Sep 2006|10:03pm]

So school is going good!
I pretty much like/love my classes and who i have them with!

Friendships ~ Made sum new friends haha [ Kelli Nic, David Olly and i have gotten closer,Ashley Raap && Steph hansen and i are wayyyy closer!!!!! and yeah haha! ]

Guys ~ So they're okay lol.... went out w. mike for like 3 days haha...oh well..lol i've moved on....like sumone else lol :]

so im pretty bored lol!

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[10 Sep 2006|04:36pm]

School its okay i guess lol
 I like my classes...people in my classes
wish i had classes with people i dont so i saw them more often
but i dont so w.e.

so apparently we lost the game 0-27
haha we would

so its like really cold out...burr
i HATE winter and fall
omgsh  lol

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[01 Sep 2006|03:32pm]

Game was fun :]
Dance was funner :]

Saw a lots of my friends :]
It was nice

School Tuesday :]+:[
yay i guess?!

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[20 Aug 2006|05:18pm]

heres sum cute little things i found=]


&& I pinkypromise
that when we're little old ladies                       
causing trouble in nursing homes,                                
we will still be best friends


if we go down we go down together. best friends means
best friends forever

♥♥ aLL together


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[14 Aug 2006|08:43pm]
So this weekend had to be the BEST ever!!!! It was seriously sooooo much fun!!!!

Friday..-..Went over to Kaitlins cuz we didnt go to ma so we filled up the pool... walked to Meijer.. SAW MR.ODETTE haha kaitlin.... then got back to her house n did stuff...

Saturday..-.. Went to see John Tucker Must Die! That is such a good movie!!! lol!!! Then i came home.. went to church blah blah blah.. then when i got home liz and steph called so i went over to stephs house and stayed the night.. we watch Bring it on All or nothing that is such a good movie.. then we played Mad Gab.. HAHAH We feed the nerds.. and we got nerds right that was hillarious....then we went to bed at like 2...

Sunday..-..We got up..ate breakfast then decided to go to the lake the Matt && Connens grandma lives on.. so we went in the water.. it was pretty warm then we decided to go on the boat.. so i thought that i could get a little tan.. no i got burnt then Connen and Matt decided to jump off the boat so they did and me && steph && erica listenied to music n stuff then we got back to the shore and stuff.. stayed on the boat.. then we played Chicken ahh that was soo fun!!!  you always won if you were on Connen!!!  i lost like 5 times though....lol.then so there was this goose right... ya it was like goin nuts and crap like yelling and stuff so matt threw a  a noodle at it and it was chasing it was like omg haha it was great though!! then we had a sceraming contest too iwa s fun i soo won by like a mile lol! and we did other stuff that was fun lol but the lake was sooooo much fun! then we got back to stephs and we stept in the back of her dads truck..

Today..-.. we went  to ma and stuff but then the power went  out so we had to elave early cuz of a fire n then me, my mom,steph, her sis n friend got into a car accident it was sooo scary.. we got hit in the back and stuff..but now im jsut doin nothin might hangout with mary tomorrow idk yet tho!

thats about it lol!


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wht gives.. [06 Aug 2006|12:35am]
So i wanna give up..
let go... just draw a line.. say no more..
but i cant.. && its not that easy...
minds tellin me let go... hearts sayin dont give up yet..give it time...
&& im not givin in yet.. not JUST yet.....
iMISShim.... && its not fair
i feel like he doesnt care when i still do...
i wanna let everything out but im scared...
that hes not gonna feel the same and our friendship will be over....
i dont want that to happen.. not now... not ever...
its hard..... help me! 
maybe being in the same school will have an affect....
lets just pray...
im gonna sleep on it tonight..that sumthing good happens...real soon..
so that i dont give in and give up....
i cant && i wont...
i♥him && i dont care if he doesnt  LOVE  me back.....

iMISSanother guy too......
im not gonna give up on him.....
i care about him too.....

ahh i♥guys and i dont...
they're confusing.... && i dont get sum of them...

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[02 Aug 2006|09:00pm]
............ not bad just boring
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[31 Jul 2006|04:17pm]
This is gonna be a bad week........
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[30 Jul 2006|11:43pm]

Emily = Sad
Emilys sad because all of her friends are leaving her AGAIN for a week for band camp!
This is sad.
Nothing to do for a week.

I love you all!!!
&& hope you have fun!!!

Well tomorrow i think im goin to the mall and then ima come home and layout and try to get a tan!!
haha lets see how well that works!!

well leave me sum comments n stuff!!!

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**tear** [24 Jul 2006|09:37pm]

I miss my friends a lot. **tear**tear**tear**. I dont wanna go back to school but i do just to see my friends tee hee♥ i miss...... mindy,amy,mike,duane,.ashley,zacc,michelle,ashley,courtney, and  alot of other people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow well almost August. i think im goin back to pittsburgh august 8th-12th but im not sure yet it all depends on if my sister can get people to work for her.


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nothin much [24 Jul 2006|12:30am]

Fun day  i guess

hung out with Kaitlin till about 12:30
stayed home by myself from about 1:30-5
then nothin till 8:20
Ryan came over till 9:30 =]

now im bored n idk wht im doin today.

comments plz

♥ me

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[22 Jul 2006|09:04pm]

Kaitlins over =]
We're watching SHES THE MAN!
-Eating popcorn
-taking pics
-fun stuff

who knows wht im doin lol
well comment!

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[20 Jul 2006|09:32pm]
So i miss a lot of my friends!! && i wanna see them really bad and it sucks cuz the ones i miss i never see and i hope that i see them next year and i hope that we're still as good of friends that we were this year!! I miss....Mikey,Mindy,Duaney,Ashley,Zacc,Mike,CJ,Maranda,Ashley,Michelle,Courney,Cameron,Kaitlin,
Tony,Ashley, and other people!!
 So yeahh i miss a lot of people!!!!!

hmmmm i've been pretty bored like all summer its pretty sad. I got home on Tuesday and ive done nothing at all. But i've had me n mommy time cuz my sister has had to work since we got home so yeahh. But im happy that Kaitlins better cuz shes coming over on sunday!!!  Kaitlin+Em time = fun lol!!!! 

yeah so i have nobody on my road to hangout with cuz they all are gone. meany face people leave me here all bored with nobody. At least i have Kaitlin but then shes leaving me AGAIN for BAND CAMP!! KAITLIN I THINK LEAVING FOR 
VIRGINA WAS ENOUGH PUNISHMENT!! Gosh man lol!!! well i guess i'll be really really bored for another week lol. cuz seriously every one of my friends will be gone!! i dont know wht im gonna do for a week!!! Mary,Kaitlin,liz,and all of my other friends are in band they're all gonna be at band camp for a week!!! gosh total punishment!!! mayn!!!!

Well im really bored so ima go!!!

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[19 Jul 2006|09:36am]
Im back! Yeahh i got back yesterday with NO POWER! So i had no internet for like a week and it sucked! So now im home with nothing to do cuz ryan and zach went camping for 3 weeks so im gonna hangout with kaitlin sumtime this weekend i hope! I wanna go to MA with somone so idk maybe kaitlin n i will go but we'll do sumthin lol!

So we went to conneticut and cape cod and it was funny cuz it was windy n stuff and all my dad kept sayin was OMG ITS TOO WINDYY!!! cuz like everywhere we go my grandparents always say its too windy so it was funny but they didnt go with us! so then we went to like 2 different beaches and i got tanner [[ YES ]]  no sun burn!! That makes me happy lol!!!!  

So the trip was fun! Kinda a lot of shopping i guess! 

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[10 Jul 2006|07:37pm]

Saw Train last night!!!
That was such a awsum concert!!!!!!!!!
It rocked!!!!!!!

I think i might delete my lj cuz nobody ever updates or uses this anymore.
Comment if you think i should or shouldnt!

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[09 Jul 2006|12:39am]

♥Prolly going with Kaitlin to see Train today!
♥Woot for that
♥Hung out with Mary.Jen.Erika yesterday
♥Great fun

summers going great!

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today♥ [29 Jun 2006|09:27pm]

So lets see what did i do today?
-Took my final DT test
-Passed it ( got a 85% )
-Went to get my permit

-My big sister came up from Detroit
-Sat and talked to her for like 2 hrs
-Went out to ice cream with her ( that was soooo much funn )
- *We tryed to steal a for sale sign from a yard and take the  " 4 bedrooms " thing off of it but Jen was too chicken then every car we passed Erin would wave to and be like HEY! lol thennnnn we were gonna take streamers off of a mailbox but Jen was like CAR and there really wasnt one lol it was soooo much funn though. Lauren and all of them were doing a dance and we stopped and Erin was like keep goin girls i wanna see you dance and they were looking at her like she was crazy and she was like wht do i need tickets for this thing. Ohh eyahh and she was going like 70 down dalson and was chasing a car. ahhh i love her it was soooo much funn hanging out with her!!!!! I was crying cuz i was laughing sooo freaking hard!!!!!!* -

-Came home and Chad came over
-Played bball with him for a while
-Went with my sister to get chinese
-Came home and ate
-Chad,Zach,Ryan,Colin,Joey and Alex came over 
-Played capture the flag/bball
-they went home and now im inside watching TV

*Tomorrow im doing absolutly nothing.
Well i might clean my room cuz my cousin and them are coming up Sat.
But idk.
lol so i guess call me or whtever to do sumthin!

*hrmmmm...... i miss school a lot iits really surprising! I miss my 1st hour most of all!! I saw Mindy yesterday thougha nd i missed her so much!!!!!  I miss Mindy, Mikey, Duaney, Ashley! They are all in my first hour lol so dont worry!!! 
Ive hung out with Mary, Liz and Kaitlin, && I guess i can add Zach and Ryan cuz i've hung out with them a lot too!!!

*Well lets see what gonna be happening in the next few weeks or so.
My cousin,Aunt,uncle and g-parents are coming up on Sat. night well they're driving all night i guess you could say and then they will be here until friday. Idk if they are leaving in the morning or at night lol. They the next wed. after that im leaving for conneticut/cape cod for like a week so. So basically i'll only have like 3 days open between now and then. lol. Im sooo excited though!1 I get to go in the ocean again!! Woot Woot!!

*So thats mostly everything thats been going on!!! My summer has been going good!! It could always be better lol!!!!

I wannabe thegirla
he gives his hoodie to wear
&& cuddles up next to me when
its cold i want him to come
up behind me && wrap his arms
around my waist catch me off
guard && whisper in my ear
you look beautiful

*idk i just decided to add that. I got it from somones profile lol!!!!

well dats all for now!!!

love always ♥ Emily

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[25 Jun 2006|09:17pm]

So Emilys about as confused as you can get.
Ughh its soo gay.

I need somone to talk to really bad.
To much drama and shit.


Im goin to Marys tomorrow.

im out..


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[21 Jun 2006|04:36pm]

Eww its raining..
Last day of drivers training tomorrow though
well i have a drive tomorrow then we have our test thusday next week then i drive tuesday next week! then im done!
woo woo!!!

hmm call to hangout the rest of this week!


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